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A quest into
distorted online realities

Welcome to YouMind! In this interactive game, Dr. YouMind has asked you to partake in his experiment where you can check your YouTube behavior. Along the way you will get useful tips and tricks on how to protect yourself from its influence. When you're done, you will know exactly what to watch out for while browsing on YouTube!

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Are you ready?

About YouMind

About YouMind

YouMind was created with the intention to spread more awareness regarding the rising extremists mindset that teens and young adults are developing through YouTube usage.


Most of us thoroughly enjoy the algorithm of YouTube (around 70% of what you watch is dictated by it!). But how often do you know if the information about you've just watched is true? And do you also check other resources next to YouTube to confirm the information? This can range from video game reviews, to internet mysteries to videos on how to take care of your cat.


Through YouMind we aim to show you and other YouTube watchers that it's important to cross-check information and get out of your comfort zone every now and then.

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